Why Do People Get Scalp Micropigmentation Removed?

Why Do People Get Scalp Micropigmentation Removed?

Scalp micropigmentation is vastly becoming the world’s leading hair loss solution, giving people confidence back and boosting their self-esteem. One of the key elements of scalp micropigmentation is that it is permanent. It does fade and require top ups but once it is there it is there forever. So, with such an amazing solution, with the method behind it being permanence, in theory, removal should not be a light decision. So why would people want to get scalp micropigmentation removed? There are a few reasons this may be the case.

Botched work is one of the most common reasons for scalp micropigmentation removal. A lot of people think it is an easy procedure to do, but this is not correct. Scalp micropigmentation takes a lot of delicacy as it is supposed to be unnoticeable and look like natural hair follicles. Lack of proper training can really ruin someone’s scalp micropigmentation and the worst part is a lot of people claim they are qualified due to getting web-based training and receiving absolutely no hands-on experience at all. Unqualified people claiming to be scalp micropigmentation artists can easily mismatch or use the wrong pigment, implant the pigment too deep or have a high chance of doing the follicle units the wrong size. If the dots of pigment are too big the scalp micropigmentation is going to look unnatural and botched, the pigment can also merge making the scalp look more painted like you are wearing a helmet or can lead to poor blending and an obvious dotting appearance. If the pigment is implanted too deep, mismatched or is tattoo ink rather than cosmetic pigment, then it is likely the pigment particles will migrate leading to dermal staining which turns the pigment blurry and it can change to a bluey green colour. To repair bad scalp micropigmentation treatment, it is usually best to just remove the defective treatment.

Adjusting the hairline is a good reason for getting scalp micropigmentation removed or corrected. As people get older and their skin begins to change, your hairline may no longer look the way you originally wanted it too. With scalp micropigmentation removal or correction, the hairline can be removed and later reapplied the way you would prefer it. Many Clinics will now offer laser free tattoo removal.

Removing scalp micropigmentation to embrace the natural hairline is not as common, but it does happen. For some people they may have had scalp micropigmentation for a few years and decide to embrace their remaining hairline and get the scalp micropigmentation removed.