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There is an age-old dictum out there which states “what is beautiful… is good”. In the modern world, we have been indoctrinated to believe that only the beautiful are provided with advantages. This leaves us with a danger of also believing that only perfection will suffice. At Inkrease we truly see your scar as a beautiful thing. We feel that imperfections are far more beautiful than perfections. However, we also are firm and rooted in our comprehension that living with a visible scar is just darn difficult.

Scalp scars can really take over your life and have an incredibly strong impact on how you see yourself. Scars trigger negative emotions and will take you right back to the root of the cause each time you see it in the mirror. Scalp micropigmentation to conceal your scar will serve as more than just a treatment. It can take you away from the disrupted identity it’s caused and repair the internal damage.

Concealing scars with scalp micropigmentation involves a blending of discrepancies to provide harmony and evenness to the site. Pigments will be administered into the scar tissue itself, whilst also concentrating on the zones surrounding the blemish. To ensure fully artistic concealment, the color and depth of each pigment implant are considered to provide a result which detracts the eye away from the sharpness of the scarring.

Why not contact us here at Inkrease and talk us through your scar story – reaching out is just the beginning of your journey to rebuilding your new identity full of confidence and self-esteem.

Treatment Overview


3 -6 Hours


2 - 4




12 - 36 hours

Full Recovery

10 Days

Results Duration

2 - 5 Years

Scars and

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation as a treatment for concealing scars is a precise science. A scar is formed when the dermis, which is the secondary layer of your skin, is damaged. The body will form new fibers of collagen which work to mending the damage. This results in a marking which we commonly know as a scar. The new scar tissue will take on its own identity and have completely different textures and also an alternative quality to that of the surrounding tissue. To treat the uneven tones we need to work millimeter by millimeter, blending pigment implants whilst ensuring the colors and depth of the implant alters in accordance with the surface being treated.

Types of Scarring and

How can we Treat Them?

Scars happen for a number of reasons, yet one of the most common ones out there are from hair transplants. There are two familiar types of transplants which can result in scalp scarring, one being a follicular unit transplant and the other follicular unit extraction. The former of the two is the traditional strip harvesting transplant which can leave the fencepost type scarring, the latter is where follicles are extracted by punching holes into the rear of the scalp. This second type will result in pockmark type blemishes and scarring.

Scalp micropigmentation is the number one treatment for camouflaging and concealing scars and is rapidly becoming a household name. It’s a cutting-edge procedure which is not only effective but will also produce a result that is guaranteed. The impact scarring can have on mental well-being is known to be both demoralizing and destructive. Camouflaging your scar with scalp micropigmentation is a forceful way to start rebuilding both your self-esteem and confidence.

Our empathy and compassion along with our treatments are the keys to our veritable success. If you are suffering from scalp scarring and wish to discuss scalp micropigmentation procedure to conceal your scar we are only a phone call away. Alternatively, reach out to us by email or drop by our clinic and share your scar story with us. We can assess your requirements and find a solution which meets your unique needs to conceal your beautiful scarring.

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