Meet Your Master Artist


With a shade shy of one-quarter of a Century as a barber, there is little Jose Nuñez doesn’t know about the architectural details of hairlines. With his razor-sharp eye for the finer details and his formidable background, it is Jose’s natural hairlines that are his veritable signature. Native to Brooklyn, New Yorks ultimate melting pot, Jose has worked on every length, shape, and type of hair imaginable. And it’s with this dextrous knowledge that he’s able to provide the scalp micropigmentation industry with an undeniable passion and skillset.

Over the previous twenty years, Jose has owned a grand total of 4 successful barbershops and is currently master of his trade at the District Barber Shop. With rave reviews for his work with hairlines, Jose is located in Alliance, in the colorful and energetic Fort Worth. His treatment chair and busy consultation book comfortably sit in the Inkrease clinic at the hind of District and with its soothing industrial styled ambiance, you’ll be made to feel at home in an instance.

It’s clear to see that Jose has a wealth of knowledge in the hair industry. For himself, it felt that a move into the scalp micropigmentation world was as natural as the hairlines he now recreates. But ever the perfectionist, only the finest of training was sufficient which is why he felt drawn towards learning from the masters of the industry. Mentored and trained by the illustrious Matt Iulo at Scalp Micro USA he is now fully accredited and accomplished in yet another confidence-boosting trade.

Why I do what I do

Why SMP?

It’s an undeniable fact that hair loss is distressing for anyone who suffers from it. Both men and women, young and old are experiencing the mental anguish and pain it can cause. And often they’ll tell you it’s just OK. But actually, deep down it’s just not. Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that’s specifically designed to combat the signs this disorder leaves behind. It conceals the patchy baldness left by alopecia, provides underlying shading for diffuse thinning and can even blend the linear edges of scarring deeming them invisible to the naked eye. SMP is an innovative treatment that is not only fighting a noble fight against hair loss, but it’s also trailblazing for boosting that lost self-esteem.

"The BEST! Jose did an amazing job with my SMP"